Three Unique Ways To Seal And Protect Your Messages


Locked & Labelled

Secret bottles are only visible to people whose name is on the label. Their contents remain locked until the secret question has been answered.


Locked & Unlabelled

Mystery bottles can be seen by anyone, but their contents remain locked until the mysterious locking question has been answered.


Unlocked & Unlabelled

Community bottles are visible and open to the world. They're an easy way to message a community, a friend or even a stranger across the globe.


Experience a new kind of social media

This site was inspired by the idea that everybody has something they wish they'd told somebody. Perhaps there's someone you've never thanked, forgiven, said 'I love you' or apologized to. They might be an old friend, teacher, neighbour, parent, sibling, child or lover.
There's now a way to unload and seal that special message, and leave it anywhere on Earth. You might never receive a response, but you'll always know it is out there waiting to be discovered.
Other social media sites put the obligation of a response upon your recipient. Here, they'd need to actively seek out your message. This place encourages meaning over marketing, and patience over pressure.
One day that person might start wondering...

'Do You Think About Me?'


So Many
Ways To

Who's in the back of your mind?

Message someone from your past, present or future.

Say 'Sorry' or 'Thank You' without the obligation of a response.

Make each message as public or as private as you like.

Unburden yourself, and get that 'something' off your chest.

Be patient. Sometimes relief doesn't require a response.

Pinpoint exact message locations with the power of Google Maps.

Make things right.

Get creative and message using HTML.

Let off some steam.

Resolve unfinished business.

Create a time capsule.

Share a secret.

Reach out to a stranger.