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  • Terms of use

    This document is to give you a run-down of how we like to do things here at 'Do You Think About Me?'. If you know your rights and we let you know ours we’re going to have a great time and make some meaningful things happen.

    When you register an account at 'Do You Think About Me?' you must agree to these terms below to use this site. By registering, you are forming a legal agreement with us, and confirming that you fully agree to and will abide by the following terms. If you do not agree with these terms then you should not use 'Do You Think About Me?'.

    Service Access

    The services we provide to our users are provided tentatively for your own personal use. While we hope that this site is around forever, we can not assure it will be. That all depends on how it's received.

    At any time, and without notice, for breach of any one of these terms of use or for any other reason, our moderators have the right to cancel or suspend any account, suspend any user as we wish and/or remove any content that has been created. Your account and content are not guaranteed to survive. We will however try our to protect and preserve your creations.

    Admin reserves the right to monitor all activities on 'Do You Think About Me?', and your use of this site indicates your agreement with this. We do not guarantee to monitor at all. The site allows for flagging of inappropriate or buggy content and provides avenues for communication with admin from within bottles.

    Users are allowed to enter additional nicknames and lastnames as alternatives to help others link secret bottles to them. There is a maximum of two additional first and last names. This feature is not to be misused, nor may these alternative names be deleted. Any user suspected to be using the alternative names feature as a means of accessing the secret bottles of other users will likely have their site access revoked.

    User Content

    This service is provided for your personal use. You may not use 'Do You Think About Me?' for any illegal or nefarious activities - including but not limited to - breach of intellectual property or copyright laws, intimidating, trolling or harassing others, proliferating hostile or otherwise antagonistic materials and content or breaching the privacy of other users or individuals. Your account and content will be removed immediately and you may be reported to authorities.

    Users will be held responsible for the content they create on this site and the consequences of that content. 'Do You Think About Me?' will not take any responsibility for, nor expressly or implicitly endorse any user content, as such we assume no liability for any user content submitted to our service.

    Any content that you feel is in breach of this agreement or otherwise might be deemed unacceptable on this service can be flagged with the moderators by contacting

    Site Material

    'Do You Think About Me?' site, the four bottle types and functions and all associated attributes including but not limited to graphics, copy, images, software code and website design are protected under under the proprietary rights of Australia’s copyright laws as well as international intellectual property agreements. All site content expressly remains the property of 'Do You Think About Me?' unless otherwise noted.

    You are granted the right to access site materials with the following conditions; you may not make unauthorized commercial use of, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display any content contained within within the site, except as permitted by the doctrine of fair use or as authorized in writing by us.

    This user agreement is the agreement between all users and us concerning “Do You Think About Me?’ We reserve the right to modify this agreement at any time. By using this site you indicate your acceptance of the above terms.

  • Privacy

    We take protecting your private information very seriously and as such we take every precaution securely store your data. The following document spells out how 'Do You Think About Me?' manages your private data and how it is used.

    Please carefully review this policy as it describes the kind of information we collect from you as well as how we use it and when it is shared. We strive to achieve a balance that respects our users privacy while enabling us the ability to review the site. Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to these terms and conditions set out below.

    About Private Information

    'Do You Think About Me?' is an open social media platform that allows you to communicate with other individuals and/or communities on any topic you want. In order to accommodate this functionality it is necessary to collect some information from you in order to have an account and participate in the community.

    To continue the development of this platform and maintain its useful functionality we may use your information from time to time to help improve the experience of the site and where necessary stop/prevent spam and other violations of the user agreement.

    The only time your information will be shared with a third party is in a situation where we are legally obligated to do so.

    Information That We Collect

    When you create an account you are required to provide your actual first and last name (fake names may result in your account and site access being revoked), a valid email address, a username and password, and some location information. We also log and retain the IP address from which the account was initially created.

    Each of the different bottles that you post have different levels of privacy and security built into them, the following is a breakdown of how this data is collected and used:

    When a bottle is posted we collect from you; the time at which this bottle was created, the name of the intended recipient/s (whether targeted or open to the community), the location in which you intend to place this bottle, written clues that you wish to include for the intended recipient/s about the bottles location, images that you may choose to upload and the message.

    Where applicable this data is used to lock the contents of the bottle from view for any user other than its intended recipient/s. While we provide tools for you to keep certain bottle types private between you and the recipient/s, we can not guarantee that it will only be opened by them - it is up to you to make your secret question secure enough so that only the intended recipient/s will be able to “guess” the answer.

    The contents of bottles are accessible only to the intended recipients however they may be accessed internally by 'Do You Think About Me?' site administrators for support related issues. Even after the deletion of a user's account the contents of bottles are stored indefinitely on our database and will be deleted at our discretion.

    Log Data

    Some of your information is automatically logged by our servers regarding; the browser and operating system you are using to access the site, the type of device you are using, the address of the page that referred you and your IP address. This information is collected from all users accessing this site but is only linked to your account when signed in. With the exception of the IP address recorded at the time or your registration, all IP addresses are deleted after 90 days.

    To help personalise and maintain the security of your account we will also collect information from your usage of the site including but not limited to; post preferences, subscription information as well as the time and date of your last login.

    Usage Of Personal Data

    'Do You Think About Me?' will only ever use your data internally to help prevent abuse and to allow us to facilitate the functionality of the site the way it is intended and spelled out in the user agreement. For example your IP addresses will be logged and stored for 90 days after visiting the site to help us investigate issues with our site, track and block users suspected of breaching our terms of service and otherwise maintain the security and integrity of the site and its communities.

    Your private information is never for sale; however anonymous, aggregated information that cannot be linked back to an individual user may be available to third parties.

    Account Deletion

    Your account with 'Do You Think About Me?' can be deleted at any time. This will remove your account from the site and disable it for future use. While deleted accounts will remove any associations made within the site, the usernames of deleted accounts may remain unavailable for the use of others for a period of time or indefinitely. Posts that you have made while using 'Do You Think About Me?' will remain on the server for others to view unless requested.

    Data Security

    'Do You Think About Me?' takes effort and precautions to properly secure any private information submitted to us by our users. We maintain internal security practices designed to keep your data secure and private. As such, access to our internal database by administrators is strictly limited. You should be aware that no data transmission over the internet is ever 100% secure so there is no way we can guarantee the absolute security of your data. Your use of this service is at your own risk and it is your responsibility to ensure reasonable steps are taken to ensure the integrity of your data and account (eg, maintaining the security of your password.)

    Changes To This Policy

    We reserve the right to modify this policy in order to satisfy the changing needs of our user base or for any other reason at any time. Minor changes will be posted on the footer of the Shoreline while major changes will trigger an email sent to all users.


    'Do You Think About Me?' welcomes questions, comments and feedback about all of our policies and terms of service. Please feel free to contact us at anytime at

  • The Concept

    This site was inspired by the thought that everyone has something they'd like to say to someone. Other sites force you to have to track them down and almost stalk them to say what you want to say. This site lets you send a message into the world that can be found only if the receiver comes looking.

    Maybe you'd like to say something to a friend or relative you've lost contact with for some reason. Maybe you just want to get something off your chest and don't care if they reply or not. Maybe "don't care" isn't the right phrase. Perhaps it's just that you don't want to pressure a response from them. There was no avenue we were aware of that allowed this avenue of communication. This site was developed to allow a fun and simple way to allow for these connections and so many more possibilities.

    Create a treasure hunt, or other games using a mixture of bottle types. Code HTML directly into bottles to add some extra character to the content you create. We have no idea how things will pan out in this place but hopefully you guys can show us what can be done. In the meantime we'll keep adding toys and features and awaiting your suggestions.

    -Josh Bonnett
    6th November 2015

  • Thanks

    This site uses several open source and third party libraries.
    We would like to express our thanks to the creators of the following plugins and code libraries:

    Google Maps API

    Google Maps Geocoding API

    Magnific Popup

    jQuery Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider

    Variant Builder

    Overlapping Marker Spiderfier