• The Three Bottle Types

    The Three Bottle Types

    Before casting your messages out into the world it's important to understand the difference between the three bottle types.

    Type Venn

    Locked Bottles

    Secret & Mystery

    Locked bottles are sealed with a special locking question. The answer to these questions must be a location. When a user discovers a new mystery bottle on the map it will look like this.

    Mystery Bottle on the Map

    When a user hovers over an already-viewed community bottle on the map it will look like this.

    Community Bottle on the Map


    Secret Bottles & How They Find People

    When creating a Secret Bottle you'll be asked to put a name on the label. Only people with that name will have an opportunity to unlock the message. Mystery & Community Bottles are unlabelled.

    Labelling a Bottle

    If you happen to misspell a name, or label the bottle using a nickname 'Do You Think About Me?' is clever enough to find that person and make it visible to them. Common nicknames/derivations are included and matched automatically. If someone is known by an unusual or hard-to-match alternative name, then they can add alternative first and last names . To prevent users making attempts at secret bottles not intended for them a maximum of three first and last names are allowed, and they cannot be removed once added.

    Alternative Names

    In this example any bottles labelled with any of the names below will be visible (but still locked) to user James Rosco (shown above). Upper or Lower case is fine. The trick to finding the right message recipient is in asking the right locking question. When creating a Secret Bottle, make the locking question something that only the right James Rosco will be able to answer.

    James Rosco
    Jim Rosco
    Jimmie Rosco
    Jimmy Rosco
    Jimbo Rosco
    Jamie Rosco
    James Roberts
    Jim Roberts
    Jimmie Roberts
    Jimmy Roberts
    Jimbo Roberts
    Jamie Roberts
  • Unlocking a Bottle

    Unlocking a Bottle

    After clicking a locked bottle you will then get to see the secret locking question. If this question is answered correctly, the bottle will open. This allows you to read the previously hidden contents and add your own messages to the bottle. You'll only get one chance to unlock the bottle so if you're unsure, click Not Now. If you're sure the bottle isn't for you click Never and it will be removed from your map. If you think you know the answer, click Yes.

    Mystery Question Preview

    If an image has been attached to the bottle as a clue, it will look like this.

    Secret Bottle Example Question

    To guess the secret location, simply type your guess into the box, or click the search icon to find the location on the map.

    Secret Bottle Example Guess

    If your guess is correct, the bottle will automatically unlock for you and you'll be able to see - and add to - its contents. If you fail to guess correctly you'll be able to write a message which will be emailed to the bottle's owner. Perhaps they'll unlock the bottle for you.

    Notify Author After Example Guess

  • Creating and Finding Bottles

    Creating and Finding Bottles

    'THE MAP' and its bottles are controlled using the buttons shown below:

    Map Buttons

    The Buttons

    Create A New Message

    To cast a bottle onto the map, you first need to write a message. Clicking this button allows you to create a new message inside whatever bottle type (I.e. Secret|Mystery|Community) is currently selected/highlighted.

    E.g. Create a Community Bottle

    E.g. Create a Secret Bottle


    The Home area is where you can access your saved bottles and edit your account. Please see the tutorial topic for more information.


    User Buttons

    Bottles Made By Me
    Bottles Made By Others

    The User buttons allow you to display bottles you have cast yourself, or bottles that have been cast by other users.
    Clicking either of these user buttons will show bottles of whichever type is also highlighted as you click the button.

    E.g. Show Mystery Bottles by you

    My Mystery Bottles

    E.g. Show Community Bottles by others

    Others Community Bottles

    (There were 33 community bottles found in this example)

    The Bottle Type Buttons

    Secret Bottle
    Mystery Bottle
    Community Bottle

    Selecting any of the three bottle types will display all bottles not yet saved or deleted. Depending on which of the above user buttons is selected you'll be shown all bottles of that type created either by yourself or by others.

    The Search Button

    Use this button to search for bottles by location, creation date or by text/keywords.

    Hide/Show Controls

    This button lets you hide or show the control panel.

  • Searching For Bottles

    Searching For Bottles

    To search for bottles click the magnifying glass on THE MAP and you'll be taken into the search window. This screen allows you to search the map for any unlocked or community bottles by time, location and keyword. You can search using one or any combination of these options at the same time.

    Search Screen

    If any bottles are found within your search parameters you'll be returned to the map and the resulting bottles will appear.

    Search Screen 2

  • Changing Map Styles

    Changing Map Styles

    To change the look and feel of your map, you can select from the map style options in the upper-right-hand corner of THE MAP. See below for an example of the different map styles.

    Map Style Buttons


    Satellite view 1

    Satellite view 2


    Light view 1

    Light view 2


    Dark view 1

    Dark view 2

  • Editing Your Account

    Editing Your Account

    To edit your account, go into the Home area. This screen gives you access to your saved bottles and conversations.

    Home Area

    To edit your account, click the Edit button at the top of the screen.

    You'll then be in the Edit Your Account area, where you can make changes to your email and location.

    This screen allows you to add any alternate first or last names you may go by, or have been known by in the past. These nickames or alternative names are the key to being found by any Secret Bottles others may have sent you. For security reasons no more than three of each name are permitted. Common nicknames (Rob/Robert/Robbie, Jen/Jennifer/Jenny, etc.) are automatically accounted for, so don't worry about adding obvious nicknames. Those bottle labels will already be able to find you.

    Edit Account